What If I’m Guilty?

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What If I’m Guilty?

If you find yourself faced with a criminal or DUI charge and are deciding whether or not to plead guilty in court in the state of Oregon, let the team of legal experts at the law office of Rhett Bernstein help. You might think that pleading guilty is the easy route to take to save the hassle and expense of fighting the charge, but it may not be the best plan of action. Even if you know what you did wrong and are convicted, we highly recommend you discuss your case with an experienced lawyer despite what happened.

When you set up your initial consultation with Oregon’s legal experts at Rhett Bernstein, we’ll advise you to do everything you can to make an educated decision before you choose to plead guilty in court. Since a DUI in Oregon is considered a Class A Misdemeanor or Class C Felony, a conviction of either of these charges more than likely means devastating consequences. If you choose to plead guilty in court in the state of Oregon, you could potentially face jail time, probation, license suspension, and other harsh lifestyle changes.

No matter the circumstances, having the peace of mind that all of your questions will be answered by a professional will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should plead guilty.

Why Choose Rhett Bernstein?

At the law office of Rhett Bernstein, we’re on your side. We’re here to help you discuss what factors should be considered prior to pleading guilty in court in the state of Oregon. During your initial case evaluation, we’ll discuss your case and prepare you for your upcoming court appearance.

To set up your free, no-obligation case analysis, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you resolve your DUI charge and ultimately reach the best possible outcome!