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Oregon Theft Laws Explained

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Theft FAQ

If you were arrested for Misdemeanor Theft you were likely given a citation or release agreement directing you to appear in court at a future date. If you were arrested for Felony Theft you were probably given a citation or you may have been booked into custody and ordered to appear in court. Under both circumstances you must appear in court at the date and time specified. Failing to appear at a court date will result in a bench warrant for your arrest and possibly another criminal charge.

Yes. It is illegal to take or steal property of another. It is also a crime to receive property known to be stolen or buy or sell stolen property. Oregon also criminalizes Theft of Services in the same way as theft of property.

If you were cited with Misdemeanor Theft you may be cited to appear in community court. Community court offers defendants the opportunity to perform a quantity of community service in exchange for a either a dismissal of the charge or a sentence of discharge. Community Court exists in Multnomah County and Clackamas County.

Both crimes typically involve taking the property of another without lawful authority. However, robbery also involves the use or threatened use of force with the taking. Robberies are therefore more serious offenses.

Most theft charges are eligible to be expunged or sealed if you meet the general requirements.

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