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In Oregon it is illegal to purchase or sell sex or sex acts, facilitate prostitution, or force someone to participate in the crime of prostitution. If you or someone you know has has been charged with a prostitution related crime, it is extremely important that you speak with experienced prostitution lawyer Rhett Bernstein immediately.

The Criminal Defense law firm of Rhett Bernstein employs former prosecutors, former law enforcement officers, and former forensic experts. Rhett Bernstein defends clients throughout the state of Oregon; including Multnomah CountyClackamas County, Washington County, and all Portland-area municipal courts in the following counties and cities:

Prostitution – Everything You Need to Know

If you or someone you know was cited and released or arrested for the crime of Commercial Sexual Solicitation (ORS 167.008) the citation or release agreement has important information about your the date and time of your court appearance. If you fail to appear on the date and time stated, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

If you are charged with either Promoting Prostitution (ORS 167.012) or Compelling Prostitution (ORS 167.017), you have already made your initial appearance before a judge. Compelling Prostitution is a Measure 11, subject to mandatory minimum sentencing of 70 months in prison.

Did You Know?

Child exploitation is a five billion dollar ($5,000,000,000) per year international industry. It is a regular occurrence for children as young as 10 to be actively recruited for prostitution and pornography.

Classification of Prostitution


Paying, offering to pay, or agreeing to pay for sexual conduct.

Promoting Prostitution

Also known as pimping or pandering, occurs when a third party knowingly benefits financially from the act of prostitution.

Compelling Prostitution

Forcing or bullying another person into engaging in prostitution.

Child Prostitution

Forcing or facilitating a minor to engage in prostitution.


Financial gain through a prostitute’s acts and earnings. It also encompasses the act of asking for or receiving money in exchange for soliciting for a prostitute.


Procuring a person with the intention of using them for prostitution; as well as inducing, encouraging, or forcing someone to engage in or continue to engage in prostitution.

Lasting Consequences

Social and Personal

In addition to facing a possible criminal conviction resulting in fines, restitution, and possible jail time, prostitution is considered a Crimes of Moral Turpitude which negatively reflects upon a person’s character.


In Oregon, if you are convicted of a prostitution-related crime you are ineligible for a teaching or school administrator’s license. Current teachers or school administrators who are convicted after earning their license will have your licenses revoked.

Child Prostitution and Sex Crimes

Age of Consent

Oregon law states that the age of consent in Oregon is 18 and a person under the age of 18 is not capable of consenting to a sexual act. Additionally, if a victim of a sex crime is considered mentally defective, mentally capacitated, or physically helpless Oregon law also considers them unable to provide consent, regardless of age.

Measure 11 and Jessica’s Law

The mandatory minimum sentence for a first-degree sex crime conviction against a child must serve a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years in prison. For more information please visit our Measure 11Jessica’s Law, and Sex Crime sections.

Mandatory Treatment

A person convicted of a sex crime also will face penalties other than jail or prison. Sex offenders normally are required to undergo treatment either in jail or prison or as a condition of probation.

Sex Offender Registration

Registration as a sex offender requires a person to have his name, address, and information about his crime on file with the registry. Some or all of that information is available to the public, and every state has a sex offender Web site that the public can search. Being placed on a sex offender registry will have serious and possibly life-long consequences to the registrant, making it difficult to find employment and housing.


While the base crime of prostitution is most often treated as a misdemeanor, the promotion of prostitution, such as pimping and pandering, is treated as a felony, carrying heavy fines and potential jail time. When a prostitution charge moves into areas of child sex trafficking and abuse, mandatory minimum sentencing under Measure 11 is invoked and will result in extremely serious felony charges.

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A criminal prostitution related conviction can have extremely negative consequences, such as jail time, large fines, the loss of employment, and in some cases require that you register as a sex offender – which will have a life-long impact on your ability to secure gainful employment and the freedom to live where you choose. If you or a loved one has been charged with a prostitution related crime, you must contact Oregon criminal defense attorney Rhett Bernstein immediately. Mr. Bernstein and his legal team will be able to tell you what to expect during your court appearance court and will argue on your behalf giving you the best possible outcome for your case.

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