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The Criminal Defense law firm of Rhett Bernstein employs former prosecutors, former law enforcement officers, and former forensic experts. Rhett Bernstein defends clients throughout the state of Oregon, including Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Washington County, and all Portland-area municipal courts in the following counties and cities:

Felony Defense – Everything You Need to Know

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first step in addressing a felony criminal charge. Rhett Bernstein has represented thousands of clients facing criminal charges ranging from death penalty cases to violations in courts throughout Oregon. He understands that effective felony representation begins with planning a trial strategy and putting together mitigating information to steer the prosecution towards a lesser offense. Many people do not fully grasp the collateral consequences of a felony conviction, such as: firearms rights, voting rights, and many other negative impacts a conviction can cause, but felony lawyer Rhett Bernstein understands what you have at stake and will apply his considerable experience and reputation to defend you against whatever felony charge you may be facing.

The key to minimizing the damage and stigma of facing a felony criminal charge is retaining an experienced and effective felony criminal defense lawyer at the earliest possible stage of your case. Attorney Rhett Bernstein will utilize his defense team of formal law enforcement, former prosecutors, private investigators, respected psychologists and polygraph examiners to put your case in the best possible position to face the district attorney’s accusation. Early on in your case, prior to a grand jury indictment, you don’t know yet what charges you will be facing. Felony lawyer Rhett Bernstein understands how important it is to communicate effectively in the early stages of your case with the assigned district attorney to minimize indicted charges and protect your trial defense.

Felony Crimes by Class

Felony offenses are categorized as either Class A, Class B, or Class C felonies. Oregon also allows for unclassified felonies that do not fall into one of the other three classes. Unclassified felonies are typically the most serious types of crimes possible in the state, while class C felonies are considered the least serious.

Class A Felony Class B Felony Class C Felony
ORS 163.118 – Manslaughter I ORS 162.015 – Bribe Giving ORS 162.065 – Perjury
ORS 163.149 – Aggravated Vehicular Homicide ORS 162.025 – Bribe Receiving ORS 162.145 – Escape II
ORS 163.185 – Assault I ORS 162.145 – Escape I ORS 162.185 – Supplying Contraband
ORS 163.235 – Kidnapping I ORS 163.125 – Manslaughter II ORS 162.205 – Failure to Appear I
ORS 163.375 – Rape I ORS 163.145 – Criminally Negligent Homicide I ORS 162.265 – Bribing a Witness
ORS 163.405 – Sodomy I ORS 163.165 – Assault III ORS 162.275 – Bribe Receiving by a Witness
ORS 163.411 – Unlawful Sexual Penetration I ORS 163.175 – Assault II ORS 162.285 – Tampering with a Witness
ORS 163.427 – Sexual Abuse I ORS 163.225 – Kidnapping II ORS 162.305 – Tampering with Public Records
ORS 163.670 – Using a Child in Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct ORS 163.365 – Rape II ORS 163.160 – Assault IV
ORS 164.225 – Burglary I ORS 163.395 – Sodomy II ORS 163.165 – Assault III
ORS 164.325 – Arson I ORS 163.408 – Unlawful Sexual Penetration II ORS 163.208 – Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
ORS 164.415 – Robbery I ORS 163.425 – Sexual Abuse II ORS 163.355 – Rape III
ORS 163.433 – Online Sexual Corruption of a Child I ORS 163.385 – Sodomy III
ORS 163.547 – Child Neglect I ORS 163.425 – Sexual Abuse II
ORS 163.684 – Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse I ORS 163.432 – Online Sexual Corruption of a Child II
ORS 163.688 – Possession of Materials Depicting Sexually Explicit Conduct of a Child I ORS 163.452 – Custodial Sexual Misconduct I
ORS 164.057 – Aggravated Theft I ORS 163.479 – Unlawful Contact with a Child
ORS 164.075 – Theft by Extortion ORS 163.686 – Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse II
ORS 164.098 – Organized Retail Theft ORS 163.689 – Possession of Materials Depicting Sexually Explicit Conduct of a Child II
ORS 164.125 – Theft of Services ORS 164.055 – Theft I
ORS 164.405 – Robbery II ORS 164.135 – Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
ORS 164.215 – Burglary II
ORS 164.315 – Arson II
ORS 164.365 – Criminal Mischief I
ORS 164.395 – Robbery III
ORS 166.015 – Riot
ORS 166.070 – Aggravated Harassment
ORS 166.220 – Unlawful Use of a Weapon


For unclassified crimes, the court can enforce a fine and its own maximum sentence. For example, an Aggravated Murder conviction could result in the death penalty, life in prison without the possibility of parole, and up to $500,000 in fines.

Felony Maximum Sentence
Class A $375,000 fine and/or 20 years in prison
Class B $250,000 fine and/or 10 years in prison
Class C $125,000 fine and/or 5 year in prison

Statute of Limitations

In Oregon there is a set limit on the amount of time a prosecutor has to file criminal charges. The most serious crimes: Murder, Attempted Murder, and Manslaughter, have no statute of limitations associated with them. With all other felony crimes, prosecutors are limited to 3, 6, or 12 years to file charges, depending on the crime.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement for a potential felony, you should contact Rhett Bernstein immediately. Having an experienced attorney during the investigation can go a long way. Having the right defense attorney during this critical time is one of the best decisions a person can make.

Hire Felony Legal Representation

If you are convicted of a felony you face the possibility a lengthy prison sentence and large fines. If you or a loved one has been investigated by law enforcement or charged with a felony, do not waste any time contacting felony criminal defense attorney Rhett Bernstein immediately. Only an experienced attorney who has dealt with criminal cases and worked with local prosecutors can give you the right advice for your case.

Legal Disclaimer: Nothing on this site shall be taken as legal advice. For advice on a legal matter, contact attorney Rhett Bernstein immediately for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.

Criminal Defense attorney Rhett Bernstein is available to practice criminal law anywhere throughout the state of Oregon, including: Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties; as well as most municipal courts throughout the Portland Metro area.