St. Patrick’s Day is one of the nation’s most celebrated holidays. Over 60% of Americans partake in the green festivities, from wearing shirts that declare their heritage to dressing up like leprechauns.

Unfortunately, there’s one major problem; as one of America’s most alcohol-laden holidays, whiskey and Guinness flow like water and cause an astounding number of drunk driving accidents. In addition to the risk of injury, DUII convictions can carry costs of $20,000 or more. Here are four ways to avoid the costs — both physical and financial — of a DUII on this year’s St. Paddy’s Day.

Select a designated driver. Though it may not be the most fun job, being a designated driver is incredibly valuable, especially if you’re traveling with a group of people. The DD is responsible for not only ensuring that everyone gets home safe, but to interject if someone is trying to drink more than they can handle. If one of your friends doesn’t drink, or is too young to drink, being the DD is a great way to stay involved in the night’s activities.

Use ride-sharing services: Apps like Uber and Lyft have become a boon for party-goers the world over. If you know you’re going to be drinking, rely on someone else to do the driving; a small fee can go a long way, especially when compared to the cost of a DUI or DUII.

Walk. Walking can do wonders for St. Paddy’s Day participants; the act not only saves you money on transportation, it also works to sober you up if you’ve gone a bit too far.

Celebrate at home. The easiest option of all is to not go out. St. Patrick’s Day is more about spending time with friends than barhopping anyway, so why not do that within the comfort of your own four walls? Offer your friends a couch or bed to stay for the night, and no one will run the risk of drunk driving.

Though there are many DUI lawyers and DUII attorneys available to defend you in the event you are charged with a crime, it’s best to avoid the experience altogether. Criminal defense lawyers are excellent at guiding you through such an awful situation, but why face it if you have a choice? Skip the criminal defense lawyer this St. Patrick’s Day; stay off the road if you’re going to be drinking.