In the last post, we discussed some surprising facts about the risks associated with drunk driving during the holidays. However, knowing the proven prevention methods is the true key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season. Here’s part two of our guide to preventing drunk driving during the holidays.

Plan Ahead
When it comes down to it, every drunk driving incident could be prevented with proper planning. These days, drivers have numerous resources when it comes to figuring out a safe and viable way to get home. Designating a driver to stay sober is always an effective option, but it can sometimes make some people feel left out of the festivities. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are increasingly popular and affordable options to get a ride anywhere at just about any time of the day or night. Taxis, of course, are another traditional option that are flexible and versatile. Whichever your alternate transportation of choice, make the decision early and stick to it.

Don’t Rely On Outdated Formulas Or Overestimate Tolerance
A major component of drunk driving prevention involves self-awareness. Of course, you can’t make decisions for other people or automatically know how impaired they are, but you’re in total control of how much you consume throughout a night.

Furthermore, experts say that the rule of ‘one drink an hour’ isn’t quite as cut and dry as many would like to believe it to be, which makes it an unreliable method for setting limits. There are simply too many other deciding factors at play, such as the type of alcohol being consumed, when and what you’ve eaten earlier in the day, as well as body weight, hydration level, and metabolism. Simply put, each and every person is different, and just because your friend or family member can put away a certain number of drinks in a certain period of time doesn’t mean that your body can handle it like theirs.

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