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What People Say About Us

Megan A.

❝ Rhett is extremely knowledgeable and personable. It was crucial to know everything was being taken care of with the highest regard to my best interest and outcome of my case. Great communication via email/texts/phone calls– his sincerity made all the difference in the world when going through difficulties with the law. Highly recommend to anyone seeking legal help! ❞


❝ I asked for Rhett’s help in a rather uncomfortable legal matter that had me feeling overwhelmed. I contacted his office and got an immediate response and quickly had an appointment made for a free consultation. I explained my situation and what I had hoped to receive from his legal counsel. Rhett spoke to me in a caring and clear manner and quickly set my concerns to rest. He was courteous, professional and a great advocate for me. He exceeded all of my expectations and made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking a better understanding of legal matters and looking for legal advice or advocacy.. ❞

Steve H.

❝ Life is Chaos and sometimes we get into situations that we should not. I had one of those situations with a DUI. I had worked with Rhett before in a similar situation with my son and found that he was very clear about what my options were, what the costs would be and what steps to take. I know I can trust Rhett and I can’t say that about other attorneys that I have been exposed to in the past. Rhett was very confident in court and it was very clear he had a great rapport with judges and district attorneys. He worked out an arrangement for me that I could live with and still continue with my life and work and not have the DUI over my head in the future. ❞

Marietta W.

❝ I called Rhett Bernstein as my attorney when I got my DUII for these reasons . He responded to my cry for help in a very timely manner for my first court date. He is a professional and honest attorney that is sincere to your legal needs. He follows up on all the legal aspects with the District Attorney and the diversion process with me. Through the process of a DUII I would highly recommend Rhett Bernstein as your attorney. He will make you feel better about yourself and provide the legal support as a sincere person. ❞

Scott C.

❝ I am a private investigator in Clackamas County and have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bernstein for well over a decade. I have worked hundreds of criminal cases alongside Rhett and have always felt that he has been compassionate and understanding with all of his clients and truly operates in the best interest of Justice. I not only consider Mr. Bernstein a great colleague but a friend as well. Mr. Bernstein is a valuable asset to his profession and the court system. ❞

Lyn B.

❝ Mr. Bernstein helped my son through a very difficult and stressful case. He was open and straightforward about the legal process and available options, was accessible for any questions, and kept my son informed on a regular basis. He brings perspective from his broad experience in varied positions in the legal sphere, which helped in making reasonable and pragmatic decisions. The stress of our situation was greatly reduced because of his detailed knowledge and personal manner. I highly recommend his services. ❞

Susan H.

❝ As I’m sure you know, it’s been an emotionally challenging, bureaucratically frustrating time for me, but I’m grateful for your knowledge, assistance, and guidance. More importantly, though, I respect the compassion and moral support you show your clients. Those qualities cannot be taught in legal doctrines, but make all the difference for those trying to find meaning and reason within them. ❞