What Happens When You Get a DUI In Oregon?

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Charged with a DUI in Oregon: What’s Next?

If you’re facing DUI charges in Oregon, chances are that you’ve got a lot of questions running through your mind. We understand that this can be a scary and stressful time for you, but we’re here to help. At the law office of Rhett Bernstein, we’re here to ease your mind and make the entire legal process simple. When hiring a DUI defense attorney in Oregon like Rhett Bernstein, our team of legal experts will sit down with you to discuss your case in detail, go over what to expect, answer all of your questions and provide you with an estimated length of time the case will take and its potential outcome.

When charged with a DUI in Oregon, you’re generally required to appear in court at least once, sometimes twice, depending on your location. In some counties, arraignment happens within 24 hours of your arrest, while in others you have up to 30 days before that court appearance happens. Although there is no straightforward process, we’ll talk to you about what your role is and what might happen. When we sit down with you, we’ll discuss the process in detail from start to finish in detail, so you can have clarity and peace of mind.

Why Choose Rhett Bernstein?

As one of the leading DUI defense attorneys in Oregon, Rhett Bernstein will stand by your side. Whether you need representation or simply legal advice regarding your DUI charge in Oregon, we’re here to help clients like you reach a successful case resolution.

To discuss your situation further, please don’t hesitate to contact our law office right away for a free, no-obligation case analysis. One of our expert team members will provide their legal expertise and advice to ensure you have the best possible outcome.