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Rhett Bernstein | Serving clients throughout Clackamas County, Washington County and Multnomah County

Whether you’re facing a criminal investigation or have already been charged with a crime in the state of Oregon, you are no doubt feeling frightened, stressed, and lost. The social stigma, financial cost and intrusion into your life can be real and life changing. With the law office of Rhett L. Bernstein on your side, you’re backed by one of the best criminal defense lawyers Clackamas County has to offer. We are here to help you through this crisis by protecting your rights, offering sound advice, and walking with you until the end of your case.

We are a criminal defense law firm handling all criminal charges for clients in the Portland area, including:

Criminal Defense Attorney in Clackamas County, Washington County and Multnomah County

We are located in Clackamas County, and serve clients throughout the state of Oregon, including Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County and all Portland-area municipal courts. After representing hundreds of clients charged with the crimes listed above, we’ve developed an expertise in the criminal process that determines the outcome of those charges. Having also served as the prosecutor and judge in these scenarios, Rhett L. Bernstein understands the tactics and the strategies employed by law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. As one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in Clackamas County, Rhett and his team work on your behalf to build the strongest possible defense, to win the best possible outcome.

Clackamas County DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer | Lake Oswego, Oregon City Attorney

Well-Regarded by Oregon Courts and Fellow Lawyers

We stay informed on frequent changes in the law that other criminal defense attorneys may overlook. Our sharp courtroom and trial skills are critically important to successfully navigating your charges.

While many lawyers will be willing to take your case, the outcome may come down to the experience your lawyer has with a specific charge, in a specific courthouse, with a specific prosecutor’s office. We have developed relationships with prosecutors and court staff all over the state of Oregon. The trust and confidence that they place in our office can be pivotal to the outcome of a case. When we speak, the people who hold your fate in their hands are almost always willing to listen.

Even if your goal is to resolve your case with a plea agreement or DUII diversion, an effective and trusted trial attorney can obtain the best possible resolution. Early communication between our office and the prosecuting attorney, preferably before formal charges are even filed, can help reach that resolution quickly. At the earliest stages of a criminal investigation, we deploy a team of specialists, such as former law enforcement officers and former state crime lab analysts, because we understand that the best defense is often an aggressive offense.

If you have recently been arrested in Oregon and need representation, contact Clackamas County’s criminal defense attorney, Rhett Bernstein, today. Our team of experts will start by conducting a complimentary case analysis to discuss the potential outcome of your situation. We look forward to assisting you with all your legal needs.