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Don't Choose A DUII Lawyer Until Asking Questions About These Four Critical Subjects


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Every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. If you're in need of a DUII attorney, it's important to find one who will work hard to win your case. While word-of-mouth and Internet research are both viable tactics, it's critical to ask the right questions when you narrow down your search and start getting free consultations. Here are four essential subjects to ask about when you're meeting with potential DUII lawyers to represent your case.

Experience should be one of the first subjects you bring up at your consultation. Your number one goal should be to find DUI lawyers who have dealt with countless cases just like yours. Feel free to ask about their educational background, their legal and professional background, how many cases they've handled, their area of expertise, their current number of clients, and any other questions that come to mind. You also want to make sure they have plenty of experience going to court.

Case Specifics:
After you've determined that your potential DUII lawyer is a good match experience-wise, it's time to delve into the specific details of your case. This is your chance to ask them any number of case-specific questions, such as which factors are working for and against you, which type of plea they recommend, and the legal process as a whole.

Legal Management:
Next, you need to make sure your potential lawyer's legal office is run with efficiency. This is the right time to ask about the way their office is managed. Will other DUII lawyers work on your case? Whom should you call with questions? Address these questions and make sure you get concrete answers.

Financial Matters:
Finally, when you're almost sure you've found the lawyer that's right for your case, you need to discuss financial matters. It's important to know whether the office bills by the hour or has one flat rate. You should also make it a point to find out what exactly is included so you aren't left with empty promises or unmet expectations.

Ultimately, these are the four biggest subjects that are necessary to discuss with lawyers. For more information about DUII lawyers, contact Rhett Bernstein.