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Addressing Common Myths About DUI and DUI Attorneys


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Going through any tedious legal procedure is never fun, but it can be especially stressful when it comes to dealing with a DUI. Every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. If you were recently charged with DUI, here are some common myths about DUI attorneys and what to do when you are charged with DUI.

  • Myth: DUI cases do not require a specialized lawyer.

    While DUI cases are definitely common, they still require a special type of lawyer who can handle the case properly. Each and every case is slightly different, and you want to find a lawyer who has dealt with plenty of DUI cases before. The best DUI attorneys will fight tooth and nail to get your case dismissed by examining every detail of the case.

  • Myth: A first-time DUI conviction has no severe consequences.

    While first time offenders may get off easy for other crimes, DUI cases are always taken extremely seriously. While sentencing laws do vary by state, the penalties may be particularly harsh. Even on your first DUI offense, you risk getting your license suspended for up to a year, discharge from the military, and suspension of unemployment and other government benefits -- on top of hefty fines and jail time. At the very least, your car insurance rates will skyrocket. Hiring the right DUI lawyer can help you get the most lenient penalties possible.

  • Myth: You can't get a DUI if you're just sitting in your car, waiting to sober up.

    It may seem odd, but this is actually a myth. You can legally get charged with a DUI if your car keys are in the ignition, despite whether or not you were actually driving the car. Even if your car is in 'park' and you're sleeping in the backseat with the heat on, you're still technically liable for a DUI charge. This also applies to accidents -- if a person who has consumed alcohol is sitting in a parked car and another car hits them, it's considered an alcohol-related incident. These laws are very technical, and that's why it's critical to protect yourself by hiring the best DUI attorneys possible.

Ultimately, you should never get behind the wheel after drinking, but mistakes do happen. For more information about DUI and DUI attorneys, contact Rhett Bernstein.